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February 2018


There is a tradition among the Hasidic Jews that teaches that everyone should have two pockets in their coats with two slips of paper. In one pocket, and on one slip of paper it should read: “I am only dust and ashes.” In the other pocket, the other slip says: “For me the whole universe was created.” Or as I would paraphrase this idea one slip of paper it should read; "I am a sinner and worthless." And the other slip of paper should read the words; "I am a child of God and of great value.”

The two pockets suggest a kind of balance that we need to achieve as we walk through this world. It’s a beautiful and important teaching for us as Christians. That’s the reminder of Lent. Lent is a reminder that we are, on our own, worthless sinners but that because we are also God's creation we have great value in His eyes. Lent is an opportunity, an invitation to remember who you are, but more than that, to remember whose you are!

Lent could really be a considered a bi-polar season. On one hand, Lent is a penitential season for somber repentance. We are reminded that we are sinners, worthless, frail creatures of the dust. We associate Lent, and especially Ash Wednesday, with sad, sorrowful, mournful faces, marked with the dust of ashes. And there is definitely a place for that. But at the same time, Lent is a time of joy, on the other hand, the greater hand, the upper hand, we are reminded that we are a child of God, made righteous through His sacrifice, given new life in Christ. Lent is all about Jesus saving you.

Sometimes we need to remember that first slip of paper, as we do when we come forward to be marked with the ashes on Ash Wednesday. These ashes are a reminder of who we are. The Bible tells us that we came from the dust and to the dust we shall return. The first human was formed out of the dust of the earth by God and then God breathed life into that dust. That is a powerful image. It’s one that is meant to remind us that without the breath or Spirit of God moving in us, we are just like these ashes – lifeless, worthless.

These ashes are also a sign of repentance. They are a way of showing on the outside what is happening on the inside. We are truly sorry for our sins. Lent is a time when we are called to repent and change our ways. In the Bible if you were really sorry for something you had done you would wear sackcloth and put ashes on your head so everyone could see you meant it. The cross of ashes on our forehead serves as a reminder to be humble and repentant.

But we always need to remember the second slip of paper: "I am a child of God and of great value.” The mark of the cross is a mark of ownership. These ashes in the shape of a cross remind us that we are Christ’s – that He died so that we might live. Those ashes are smeared on your forehead in the sign of the cross so that you never forget that the Lord came and died and rose for us crumbly piles of ashes. He gave Himself into death for our sins so that we, who die, will have eternal life with Him who rose again and conquered sin and death.  Live in His forgiveness! Rejoice in His forgiveness! Revel in your salvation. Be happy in your ashes. Smile in your repentance. Be joyful in your dying to your sins! Jesus is going to the Cross to save you.

Lent. It's solemn. But it's not joyless. After all, how can we not rejoice when our Lord is headed to Calvary for our sins? He died and rose for us and that makes Lent a really great time of year.



Pastor Tim



-2,9,16,23- Musikgarten -9:30 am

-6- Circuit Pastor’s Mtg. – 8:30 am   

-6- Finnish American & Friends – 2:00 pm  

-7, 14, 21, 28 – Bible Study at 8am

7, 21, - Release Time 1st – 2nd Graders - 12:45 pm

-8- Children on Grace Board Mtg. – 5:30 pm 

-13– Children of Grace Staff Mtg. – 6:00 pm

14 & 28- Release Time 3rd – 6th Graders – 12:45 pm

14- Ash Wednesday Worship- 6:00 pm

-20– Church Council Meeting – 7:00 pm

            Elders & Trustees Meeting – 6:00 pm

21, 28- Lent Worship 6:00 pm

22- Ladies Guild Mtg. – 9:00 am

22- Range Women’s Connection – 6:00 pm

-24- AEOA Homestretch – 8:00 am

25- Sunday School Teacher’s Mtg. – 11:30 am

-27 – Volunteer at Soup Kitchen – 3:00 pm




            We will have an Elder of the Month who is the person people should contact if they have a spiritual concern and aren't able to reach the Pastor.  The Elder of the Month will be listed in the Bulletin and the Monthly Newsletter.  The month of February is Roger Kivela. The month of March will be Nick Niemi.



            We have a Trustee of the Month who is the person to call if there are needs in the church building or the parsonage.  The month of February is Doug Felten.



            We have a few members who no longer drive but would love to come to church on Sunday Morning or Wednesday evening.  If you would be willing to give a ride please contact the church office or Pastor Tim at 263-3955.



Those of you who use social media, please check out our Facebook page for updated information and postings. Search Grace Lutheran Church-Hibbing MN, or use @GLC55746.



Mesaba Range Women’s Connections  normally meets at Grace the first Thursday of the month. They have changed their meetings to the LAST Thursday of the month, meeting at the church at 6:00 pm. This change will take effect this month until notified otherwise. The meeting in February is on the 22nd.



            Our 100th Anniversary Celebration will be held on  Saturday, June 30th and Sunday July 1st, 2018. Save the dates have been sent out, so if you have not received one please contact the office. We will be creating a cookbook, please send your favorite recipes!  Mail or email to the church office. 

            Cookbooks will be a padded 3-ring binder style cookbook comprised of member’s, family, and friend’s favorite recipes, past and present. A durable metal binding that easily snaps open to allow more pages to be added; divided by category w/tab dividers for ease of use. Cookbooks will also include pages of church history and images for your enjoyment and as a keepsake commemorating the 100th Celebration. The finished binder size is 7.0 inches wide and 9.25 inches tall, with a 1.5-inch spine.   The cookbooks will be $15, window clings $5. and T-shirts for $10-14. depending on your size.

            There will also be T-shirts and window clings for sale.   More details will follow as we near the event.  Please see our website for order form.



Prayers of the church:

We humbly bring before you for all people according to their needs:  Jim Christie, Ellie Niday, Joni Olson, Officers Joe Casey, Rachel Shiek, Cody Lowen, Ryan Nelson, & Ron Dycuss.


Be patient and await His leisure

            In cheerful hope, with heart content.

To take what’er their Father’s pleasure

            And His discerning love hath sent

Nor doubt our inmost wants are known

            To Him who chose us for His own!




Chris Matetich opened with prayer. Pastor Tim had the topic. Meeting minutes were read and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report was read and accepted.

Thank you’s were received from Orphan Grain Train, Options for Women, Tess Stage and Hannah Kivela.

Our thanks to Sylvia K., Sara K., Chris M., and Pat K. for doing such a good job working on our Christmas Party. Syliva has reserved the same room at the Park for Dec 6 next year, so ladies make note of that day for the party!

Leah H. moved that we donate $5,000.00 toward cost of carpet for the church. Bev B. 2nd. MC.

Lenten soup and sandwich supper starts February 14th. Groups serve starting 1-2-3.

The Zone Board meeting in Virginia is on Feb 13th. Those who want to ride share can meet at the church at 8:45am.

February 22nd will be a prayer service & brunch. Ardis Forer, Mary Douville, and Bev Bakken will provide the food. All ladies are welcome. Meeting adjourned with the Lord’s Prayer.

-Submitted by Ardis Forer.


LWML Zone Meeting


The LWML Zone meeting will be in Virginia on February 13th at 9:30 am. They will be planning the Spring Rally. Those of you attending the meeting and want to ride share, please meet at the church at 8:45 am.


Mesabi Symphony Orchestra

The Mesabi Symphony Orchestra invites kids of all ages to their “Fun for the Family” matinee concerts. At 2:30 on Saturday afternoon, February 10th in Ely’s Washington Auditorium, and Sunday afternoon, February 11th in Virginia’s Goodman Auditorium. The orchestra will present two beloved works written specifically for students: Benjamin Britten’s “Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra,” and Sergey Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf”, complete with narration. As a bonus, the International Wolf Center will join in the lobby with wolfish artifacts, information, and discount admission tickets for the IWF. Ticket prices are $10 for adults, $8 for seniors or groups of 10 or more, and $5 for students. For more information please visit their website at or find them on Facebook.











Lent begins with Ash Wednesday on Feb 14th.  Worship service for Ash Wednesday begins at 6:00 pm with the soup n’ sandwich supper preceding at 5:00 pm. 



            LWML Groups will be serving the Soup n’ Sandwich Suppers.  Here is the schedule for serving:

Ash Wednesday – Feb 14th   Group  1 will serve

                            Feb 21st  – Group 2 will serve

                            Feb 28th  – Group 3 will serve

                            Mar. 7th  – Group 1 will serve

                            Mar. 14th  – Group 2 will serve

                            Mar. 21st  – Group 3 will serve

Soup & Sandwich suppers will be served beginning at 5:00 pm, cost is freewill offering.  Please, when someone from the Guild calls you and asks for help for one of these dinners, say YES I CAN HELP!!  The Guild will be serving, cleaning up and providing the sandwiches for the suppers.  We ask all, if there is a need, please help if you can.  Join us!





SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP – God’s great gift of blessing people with His Word and the sacred gifts of baptism and the Lord’s Supper.  What great “word” does Jesus have for you?  Come and join us at the foot of the cross where our Lord speaks His word of forgiveness and where he gives us direction and hope for life and eternity.  Sunday morning at 9:00 am here at Grace Lutheran Church.


CHILDREN'S SUNDAY SCHOOL:  Sundays at 10:30 am.  Invite a friend!  If you are interested in volunteering to teach or be a teacher’s helper, please see our schedule in the bulletin on Sundays or on table in entryway.  The sign-up calendar is hanging in the office workroom. 



1st-6th grade children are released at 12:30 every other Wednesday, and meet for an hour for devotions, Christian songs, growth in Christian values and knowledge (often we use a captivating video), along with a Christian activity page or craft and a snack.  Your kids will love Release Time, pick up a registration form in the office!


CONFIRMATION CLASSES FOR YOUTH: is at 10:30 am on Sundays.   What a great time to grow in God's Word and in relation to His people.   Contact the church office at 263-3955 if you have any questions.


The LCMS National Youth Gathering will be in Minneapolis, MN, July 11-15, 2019.  If your child will be 14 or going into 9th grade and is interested in attending please contact the church!


Hibbing Annual Hope Springs 5K

The Annual HOPE Springs 5k will be held on April 21st here in Hibbing. Grace Lutheran’s organ player Amy Jaynes will be walking with “TEAM SARA” in memory of her sister, Sara Brown. This will be TEAM SARA’s 4th year, they have raise over $7,000! The Hope Spring’s event helps raise important funds for the Hibbing Oncology Patient Emergency Fund (HOPE) through the Essentia Health Foundation. The proceeds from this race are used to help cover costs for oncology patients in Hibbing and the surrounding areas that are seeking medical treatment. The funds assist families with lodging, meals, travel expenses and much more.

You can donate cash or check payable to “Essentia Health Foundation”, please see Amy at the organ on Sunday mornings, or you can send a check to her at 2206 4th Ave E. Hibbing, MN 55746. Please help Amy raise her goal of $1,000 by contributing a gift today!

Thanks for your support of the HOPE Fund. For more information please visit or find them on Facebook.



The American Red Cross held a blood drive here at the church on January 29th. We had 22 individuals donate blood. We hope to have another drive in the future. Thank you to Chris Matetich and Pastor Tim for your time getting this organized!



            Please contact Pastor Tim when hospitalized or in an emergency 24/7 either at the Office-263-3955 or his cell phone 1-218-440-1029.



            Pastor Tim has forms to help with funeral planning, if you are interested.  It will help you with all the things that need to be decided in planning a funeral.



FYI   If you are purchasing taxable items for the church (anything to do with the church), we do not pay sales tax.  Please pick up a State Sales Tax form from the office to give to the vendor you are buying from.






"Who is that sitting over there?"  Have you ever wondered that in church?  The next time you find yourself wondering, act on it!  Make it a point to walk over after church and introduce yourself.  God is blessing us with a tremendous opportunity to make disciples.  There is somebody in church every Sunday who you have not met yet.  Let's be visitor conscious.






The Foster Grandparent Program of NE MN is recruiting new volunteers in our area. They are looking for men and women ages 55 and older who are available to volunteer 15-40 hours a week in schools & child care centers working with children with special and exceptional needs. Volunteers help tutor students in reading & math, help learn basic skills, and form meaningful and lasting relationships. In exchange for the volunteer service, the volunteers receive a tax-free, non-reportable stipend, mileage reimbursement, monthly training and recognition. It is easy to apply! If interested please call 715-394-5384 or 1-888-338-6492



            Options for Women, a pregnancy resource center, is currently in need of volunteers to serve at our centers in Virginia and Hibbing. We are looking for individuals who have a heart for the families struggling in our community and are looking for a hands on way to help them. Volunteers are needed for three hour shifts weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly. One shift can mean being open for the clients who need us most.

            If you aren’t able to serve as a volunteer, you can still make a difference in the lives of families in need on the

Iron Range. Our centers are always in need of donations such as diapers, wipes, used or new baby furniture, and of

course monetary donations are always appreciated. Prayers are asked on behalf of the center, the volunteers, and the clients.

For more information on donations or to volunteer please call 262-5768 or visit

Grace Connections Newsletter is something new that will be added to the monthly newsletter here at Grace, and readily available to members, friends and families of Children of Grace. Lois Warner is looking for writers willing to share in this newsletter to help build strong faith foundations and family connections. For more information in reference to Grace Connections Newsletter, or if you are interested in writing, please contact Lois at 218-969-8167


            We are asking all members to help keep our church clean.  We rely on volunteers to help with cleaning of the church.  A list of  those who had volunteered to clean in 2017 and the new sign up sheet for 2018 is on the front table. Some of the areas are large, please consider helping out by talking to the person who is signed up for that area.  More hands make the job easier.

We ask all those who volunteer to keep the area you have volunteered for clean.If you have any questions about volunteering to help keep our church clean, please call the church office at 263-3955. 

Thank you all for volunteering to clean-up!!  When supplies are low, notify church office by leaving a note or calling at 263-3955.  Thank you to all!



            We are asking for volunteers to serve the meal the last Tuesday of the month at the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen.  We need 2-4 people to serve and clean-up.  Park in their parking lot and go through the double doors and you should find the kitchen.  Please find a sign-up sheet on the table in the entryway.  The month of February we have the 27th.



Finnish Americans & Friends

Iron Range historian Pam Brunfelt will speak about the Cooperative Movement at the meeting of Finnish Americans and Friends at 2 p.m., Tuesday, February 6th at  their new meeting location, Grace Lutheran Church  4010 9th Ave W Hibbing  Coffee is provided. Attendees are asked to bring treats to share.  Everyone is welcome!

These meetings will be held the first Tuesday of every month at the church (will not be meeting the months of January, July, August, and December).


Just a reminder that the library is open every Sunday before church. The librarians will try to be available to open whenever you would like! If you are interested in checking out any books please let us know!



January 16th, 2018


Members present: Russ Douville, Tim Erickson, John Hendrickson, Gary Kuusisto, and Deb Jarvi.  Also present: Pastor Tim, and Duane and Edie Schroeder.

There was no quorum.

Pastor opened with prayer.

There were no minutes read.

Treasurer's report:  Deb Jarvi presented a written report.  Motion to accept by Russ Douville, seconded by Tim Erickson.

Pastors report:  1 baptism.  One affirmation of faith and one adult confirmation coming soon.

Average attendance for advent was 50 to 60.

Lenten services will begin on Wed.  Feb.14 titled "Places of the Passion".

Possible classes for adults by "Recovery Health".  Will research more.

The Blood Drive is Monday Jan. 29.

No Elders report:

No Children of Grace report:

Youth report:  No Bible Bowl unless arrangements can be made.

Trustees report:  Basic repairs, A lot of ice removed from around the church building.

Old Business:  Fish fry’s start on Friday Feb 16. for six weeks. Preparations for the 100th Anniv. are under way including painting and cleaning both inside and outside the church building. Installation of officers will take place soon.

The next quarterly meeting is Sunday January 28 after church.

Russ Douville moved and John Hendrickson seconded meeting be adjourned.


Submitted by Acting Sec.  Edie Schroeder



Faith Foundations and Family Connections

Grace Connections Newsletter Volume 2: February 1, 2018



One of the many great miracles in my life..


It was August 26, 1999 when our second daughter, Sandra, who lives in Reno, went to a friend’s house for help because of a very severe headache. She had a seizure due to a three aneurysm break at the nape of her head. The ambulance arrived, she was revived seven times during that ride to the hospital.

The doctors suggested that she have her last rites read, of which her son Shawn and husband Kerry refused.  To stop the seizures she needed more meds than normally given.

After some time, my sister and her daughter went home to get oil.

My sister was told that she was not allowed in the surgical room, she replied "Yes I am, I have one more thing to do".  She was also a nurse in that hospital.

She asked if she could anoint Sandra with oil, they gave permission.

Carmel put oil on Sandra's feet and everyone in the room joined her in prayer.  Within 10 minutes the staff came to report that Sandra was awake and able to tell how many fingers they held up, and she knew where she was.  At that point they started making arrangements for her to be transported to a larger hospital.


We were called around 10:00 pm, and by 7:00 am four of us of were on a flight out of Minneapolis to Reno. We arrived just  minutes before she was flown  to San Francisco Davis.

Six of us drove there where Sandra was already in surgery that lasted for 8 hours.  They inserted titanium threads to block the aneurysms and a drainage shunt that she still has.

She was hospitalized for two months.  The doctors suggested Kerry put her in a nursing home.  He took her home and took off two months from work to care for her.  She still has four more aneurysms behind her

eyes that are checked every three years.   Those aneurysms can't be safely repaired but have remained the same.


She is a full functioning wife, mother, grandmother, and LPN.  Praise God for daily miracles.

(….By the way, the oil was generic cooking oil.)



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